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Dongle and licenses products list update

Published on April 19, 2011
  • Wavecom W-Code v7.1.0 – leading solution for radio signal analysis and decoding using basic audio card.
  • Advanced version of W-Code with the same functionality but uses special signal receiver hardware named Wavecom W61PC v7.1.0
  • metaio Unifeye Design – professional augmented reality solution, implemented as standalone Windows application.
  • Also exists SDK for the mobile devices named metaio Unifeye mobile SDK. Successfully passed tests with our CodeMeter emulator.
  • Anite Nemo Analyze would be useful for the wireless engineers. Nemo Analyze designed for benchmarking, troubleshooting and statistical reporting based on drive test data. Our solution support full set of phones and options.
  • PTV Vissim software allows simulate urban and highway traffic but not limited to these tasks. Very useful for the transport and architecture engineers.
  • One more software for the road fans is 12d model. Civil engineering, water engineering and land surveying – all in one. Unlimited options licenses passed tests in our lab.
  • Plaxis 2D v2010 and other Plaxis products are robust tools for geotechnics, geo-engineering and civil engineering.
  • Shark FX-AP is a full-featured application that supports an integrated collection of 2D, 3D, surface, and solid modeling tools, photorealistic rendering and animation.
  • Camtek GmbH PEPS CAD/CAM object oriented system for external programming of almost any CNC-machine. Do you think its CAM is better than DP Technologies ESRPIT 2011? Compare both with team dongle and license solutions.
  • ENC Designer, ENC Optimizer and ENC Analyzer – strong set of tools for the digital chart production, including ENCs, IENCs, and AMLs.
  • INPHO Application Master v5.3 with the new protection system. Great tools from INPHO for Geo-Modeling, Geo-Referencing, Geo-Capturing and Geo-Imaging tested with our full options WIBU CodeMeter emulator.
  • Good news for the dentists who use Dolphin Imaging software for the imaging, diagnostic and case presentation. Version 10.5 solution available.
  • Tajima DGML 2010 software is not so popular like Wilcom EmbroideryStudio but has own fans.
  • Frontline Genesis 2000 PCB design software utilizes our first Dallas iButton solution include all options in the license file.
  • Solid State Logic Pro-Convert is audio project translation software that facilitates the exchange of entire projects between audio applications.
  • Dataton Watchout 4.3 is a very powerful multi-display production and presentation software.
  • Ergosoft PosterPrint, StudioPrint and TexPrint – high quality RIP software. Make your choice for Digital Digital Graphics, Photography and FineArt or Textile printing.
  • GCxGC and LCxLC by GCimage are products for a Gas Chromatography and Liquid Chromatography.
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