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Software compatible with the emulator in July

Published on July 7, 2011
  • Cubus software for civil engineers! Structural analysis of frames (nonlinear and dynamics analysis, post-tensioning, time dependent effects, various national codes). Finite element analysis of slabs and walls. Soil mechanics (stability of slopes, excavations, retaining walls).
    Cubus 2011.3 was successful tested with Hardlock key emulator. All modules is available: CEDRUS, FAGUS, MURUS, AVENA, LARIX, STATIK, PYRUS, DOMUS.
  • NAPA 2010.2 software was successful tested with full featured license.
  • Sarin Advisor IV SP5 (Advisor 4.5 version) is widely known software product for planning and evaluating diamond and gemstone production. The Sentinel HASP solution successful passed all tests.
  • Seislab the Seismic Solutions software.
  • SEMA Experience 11.4 build 6260 is timber construction software. All SEMA modules supported by Sentinel HASP emulator.
  • Optimi xWizard 7.5 is a well established and proven multi-technology network planning solution that offers advanced functionalities for propagation prediction, performance analysis, network simulation and specialized diagnostic, supporting iDEN, TDMA, GSM, cdma2000, UMTS/HSPA, WiMAX and LTE. xWizard was successfully tested with generated full featured license file.
  • COADE CAESAR II 5.30 build 110228
  • COADE PVElite 2011 SP1 build 110305
  • EyeClick 3.9 modules: EyeStep, EyeTouch, EyeBoard, EyeWall and EyePlay


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