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Aladdin Hardlock

Aladdin Hardlock key has almost same security characteristics as Aladdin HASP4 key.
Dongles can be divided into few categories by following parameters:

  • Chip type:
    • Flora ASIC (old type)
    • Luna ASIC
  • Local or Network type:
    • Local (with one ASIC)
    • Network (have additional ASIC with ModAd 0x4799)
  • Interface connection type:
    • COM port
    • PCI/ISA-board
    • LPT port
    • USB port

Universal solutions for this key available on request.
Please contact us by e-mail for details.

If your hardlock with Remote Update Service (RUS) licenses, we can:

  • change RUS serial number
  • enable/disable slot(s)
  • increase licenses for slot(s)
  • remove expiration date
  • Unique service: removing Hardlock envelope even without data from original dongle.
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