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Sentinel SuperPro

Sentinel SuperPro is a dongle model, manufactured by the Safe-Net Inc (Rainbow Inc). It was extremely fast updated to UltraPro key in 2006 as response to HASP HL hardware key model by Aladdin. One of the most popular key in the world.

SuperPro main features are

  • Memory size: 32 words (16 bits each word).
  • Memory read/write operations.
  • Activations for expired counters/algorithms.
  • Counters.
  • Data transformation routine using one of the two available fixed algorithms, based on a data in the key cells.
  • Combinations of activations, counters and algorithms.

Sentinel SuperPro emulator is a software clone of hardware dongle. Please contact us by e-mail for details.

Use our free Sentinel SuperPro backup tools to store dongle memory to a file.
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