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Wibu CodeMeter

WIBU CodeMeter (CM-Stick)Wibu CodeMeter (CM-Stick) is relatively new and one of the most protected hardware keys in the “fixed-algorithms” dongles class. CodeMeter dongle model was presented in 2007 by WIBU-SYSTEMS AG. WIBU-Systems announced 40k EUR prize on a security conference for someone who break CodeMeter key in about 2 weeks. Unfortunately, we did not take part in the conference.
Despite the strong security supported by CodeMeter there are a lot of weak places which may be used to prepare version specific dongle backup. Especially, if automatic envelope used without deep API integration.

The main key’s features are

  • Few types of data memory for developers
  • Internal real time clocks (RTC) that can be updated using WIBU certified servers
  • Models with external flash memory allow distribute software on the key
  • Strong crypto algorithms inside, based on AES-128, ECC-224
  • Advanced API, designed and implemented with the best OOAD and OOP practices
  • and even more…
WIBU CodeMeter (CM-Stick) emulator is a version specific backup solution.

Use step-by-step instruction to backup WIBU CodeMeter public data.

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