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November, 2011. List of compatible software

  • Tajima DGML v14.0.11.5067 – create own embroidery with Maestro version of DGML or convert existing raster image. Tested with SHK dongle emulator.
  • Fraunhofer IGD ExoCAD – computer aided design and manufacturing software for dentists. Include various modules, like Implants. Tested with Rockey 4 ND dongle emulator.
  • КЗ Коттедж v6.4 is a software for cottage computer aided design. Visual 3D environment for design, floor plans, raw materials lists. All you need to get your own cottage. Tested with SHK dongle emulator.
  • FrigoData XP. Tested with WIBU-BOX dongle emulator.
  • SCIA 2011 build 1102 is a constructions design and analyze software. Tested with custom full options license.
  • Xeikon X-800 is a RIP workflow software. Tested with WIBU-BOX emulators.
  • ECRM Ripmate 8.1 is a RIP & workflow software. Tested with Sentinel SuperPro emulator.
  • Sirona CEREC v4.01 is a leading CAD/CAM software for the dentists. Very nice and simple user interface, very powerful internals. Tested with WIBU CodeMeter emulator.
  • Ergosoft PosterPrint, TexPrint and StudioPrint v14.0.4.4698 is a RIP software for Digital Graphic Print & Cut, Textile, Fine Art and Photography. Tested with WIBU CodeMeter emulator and custom licenses.
  • Plaxis 3D, 2011.0 (32-bit and 64-bit, VIP) – precise analysis, using finite elements, for soils, groundwater and heat flow. Tested with WIBU CodeMeter emulator and custom licenses.
  • Karaoke Evolution – multimedia system with over 25,000 songs database. Tested with SafeNet Hardware Key emulator.
  • Leica GNSS real-time monitoring software. Tested with Sentinel SuperPro emulator.
  • The world’s leading metrology software PC-DMIS 2011 with PLANNER and RESHAPER modules.

Following software has been tested with our Aladdin Hardlock key emulator:

  • liNear Desktop 12 / Gebäudetechnik 12. All modules was activated.
  • ASPAN 8.7
  • SoundPLAN 7.1
  • Stowe Woodward software: PressManager, CrownCalc, Verform, ViewRolls, DrillManager
  • Breton FabMaster Enterprise. Design Master module.
  • 3Shape Dental
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Sentinel HL – new generation hardware key in 2012

New Sentinel HL dongles
Sentinel HL new features:

  • Runtime-less
  • Infrastructure for the next leap in token security
  • Embedded: Single Chip Solution
  • Own VM to execute code
  • Backwards compatible with HASP HL & SuperPro
  • Available in 2012
    Sentinel LDK 6.x new features:

  • New open SL license format
  • Unique ‘local transfer’ re-host mechanism
  • License administration API
  • Runtimeless SL (user mode)
  • Next generation Envelope
  • Sentinel HL onboard code execution
  • White Box Cryptography
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Software compatible with the emulator in September

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Software compatible with the emulator in July

  • Cubus software for civil engineers! Structural analysis of frames (nonlinear and dynamics analysis, post-tensioning, time dependent effects, various national codes). Finite element analysis of slabs and walls. Soil mechanics (stability of slopes, excavations, retaining walls).
    Cubus 2011.3 was successful tested with Hardlock key emulator. All modules is available: CEDRUS, FAGUS, MURUS, AVENA, LARIX, STATIK, PYRUS, DOMUS.
  • NAPA 2010.2 software was successful tested with full featured license.
  • Sarin Advisor IV SP5 (Advisor 4.5 version) is widely known software product for planning and evaluating diamond and gemstone production. The Sentinel HASP solution successful passed all tests.
  • Seislab the Seismic Solutions software.
  • SEMA Experience 11.4 build 6260 is timber construction software. All SEMA modules supported by Sentinel HASP emulator.
  • Optimi xWizard 7.5 is a well established and proven multi-technology network planning solution that offers advanced functionalities for propagation prediction, performance analysis, network simulation and specialized diagnostic, supporting iDEN, TDMA, GSM, cdma2000, UMTS/HSPA, WiMAX and LTE. xWizard was successfully tested with generated full featured license file.
  • COADE CAESAR II 5.30 build 110228
  • COADE PVElite 2011 SP1 build 110305
  • EyeClick 3.9 modules: EyeStep, EyeTouch, EyeBoard, EyeWall and EyePlay


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Dongles generations overview

We want to write few notes about hardware keys, dongle emulators and reverse engineering to make them clear for everybody.
We can split all dongles types to groups

  • Dinosaurs. They all dead and only separate wires you can find in recycle.
  • Old dongles people invented in 80’s-90’s. Also known as fixed-algorithm dongles or first generation dongles. They often are printer port (LPT) or serial port (COM) hardware devices. Usually such dongles have identification number (ID) or small amount of static memory which software may read to check if license presents or not. Also, most of them have custom fixed data transformation function, developers use to make secret checks. Aladdin HASP3, HASP4, HardLock, Rainbow SentinelPro, Sentinel SuperPro, WIBU Wibu-Box, Dinkey, Marx CryptoBox, DesKey, Maxim iButtons are most known dongles in this group.
    Protection of these hardware keys relies on the secret data transformation functions. Most of those functions were restored to source code and are used in so-called “universal” emulators.
  • Dongles with a fixed data transformation function in the form of strong crypto-algorithms like AES, FEAL-32 etc. They are also known as second generation keys and are widely spread nowadays. Most probable you have one of such hardware keys in your hands or plugged to your PC or server. Usually, they are USB devices, but they also may be in other forms, like LPT, PCMCIA, PCI-card. Some of the USB keys can work in the driverless mode as Human Interface Devices (HID) or as removable disks.
    Besides the changed transformation functions a communication channel protection and software automatic protection (envelope) were improved. All these changes make reverse engineering time and resource consuming. Therefore, solutions for these dongles are more expensive.
    Aladdin HASP HL, Sentinel HASP SRM, Sentinel UltraPro, Sentinel Hardware Key (SHK), WIBU WIBU-BOX, WIBU CodeMeter (CmStick), Marx CryptoBox, Eutron SmartKey are the members of this group.
    Since the strong crypto-algorithms have a proven security, their emulation is possible only in the input-output table form. So, all “table”-based emulators are version specific. It means they work only with certain version of software.
  • Smart-card based dongles allow to execute custom user code inside protected chip. They are also known as third generation dongles. “Code inside” technology makes it possible for software vendors to hide and execute a part of a software logic in a highly protected device. Software just sends some data to dongle and gets result back. It is nightmare for reverse engineer. Each software product must be researched from the scratch. If secret module logic is not trivial, it is impossible to build table which covers all inputs-outputs. So, nobody can guarantee that your software will work correctly with dongle emulator.
    SenseLock EL (Elite), Feitian Rockey are the keys which can make your software really protected. It does not mean that using SenseLock nobody can break your software. For sure, there is nothing impossible in special labs, but if you design your protection well, its research would be extremely expensive.
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Software compatible with our dongle emulators

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Dongle emulators news

  • INPHO OrthoVista v4.5 is the most powerful professional mosaicking product. Full options license tested using our CodeMeter emulator.
  • Volvo & Mack Trucks Premium Tech Tool is a diagnostic software for the famous trucks.
  • WindSim 5 by WindSim AS is a Wind Power Plant CAD system. Also can be described as wind farm design tool (WFDT). All modules unlocked.
  • ELITE V2 by Chronelec is a Racing and Championships management software. Collect and analyze results with your own copy of ELITE.
  • BINGO is an advanced Aerial and Close Range Triangulation Software Including Survey Network Adjustment.
  • Ergosoft PosterPrint v14.0.3.4474 – new version of world-known RIP tools package. StudioPrint and TexPrint full options licenses available as well.
  • Advanced Network Design by AND Solution GmbH available in separate modules. LocalArea version for the schematic design and documentation of DTH installations, hotels, and in-house networks. Coax for the coax networks and network sections from the headend to the outlets. FiberCoax for the for HFC and FTTx networks.
  • LightConverse 5.11 by Light Converse Ltd is real-time, photo-realistic 3D visualization of any type of show. Has close integration with the Hippotizer products as option.
  • AIMMS 3.10 is an development environment for building optimization applications such as advanced planning and strategic network systems.
  • RomaxWIND is a development and simulation environment for the design and analysis of wind turbine gearboxes, bearings and drivetrains.
  • RomaxDesigner is a virtual product development and simulation environment for the design and analysis of the complete transmission. Core part of RomaxWIND.
  • 3DReshaper Application is a software dedicated to point cloud process, 3D meshing, CAD surface reconstruction and tridimensional comparison.
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Dongle and licenses products list update

  • Wavecom W-Code v7.1.0 – leading solution for radio signal analysis and decoding using basic audio card.
  • Advanced version of W-Code with the same functionality but uses special signal receiver hardware named Wavecom W61PC v7.1.0
  • metaio Unifeye Design – professional augmented reality solution, implemented as standalone Windows application.
  • Also exists SDK for the mobile devices named metaio Unifeye mobile SDK. Successfully passed tests with our CodeMeter emulator.
  • Anite Nemo Analyze would be useful for the wireless engineers. Nemo Analyze designed for benchmarking, troubleshooting and statistical reporting based on drive test data. Our solution support full set of phones and options.
  • PTV Vissim software allows simulate urban and highway traffic but not limited to these tasks. Very useful for the transport and architecture engineers.
  • One more software for the road fans is 12d model. Civil engineering, water engineering and land surveying – all in one. Unlimited options licenses passed tests in our lab.
  • Plaxis 2D v2010 and other Plaxis products are robust tools for geotechnics, geo-engineering and civil engineering.
  • Shark FX-AP is a full-featured application that supports an integrated collection of 2D, 3D, surface, and solid modeling tools, photorealistic rendering and animation.
  • Camtek GmbH PEPS CAD/CAM object oriented system for external programming of almost any CNC-machine. Do you think its CAM is better than DP Technologies ESRPIT 2011? Compare both with team dongle and license solutions.
  • ENC Designer, ENC Optimizer and ENC Analyzer – strong set of tools for the digital chart production, including ENCs, IENCs, and AMLs.
  • INPHO Application Master v5.3 with the new protection system. Great tools from INPHO for Geo-Modeling, Geo-Referencing, Geo-Capturing and Geo-Imaging tested with our full options WIBU CodeMeter emulator.
  • Good news for the dentists who use Dolphin Imaging software for the imaging, diagnostic and case presentation. Version 10.5 solution available.
  • Tajima DGML 2010 software is not so popular like Wilcom EmbroideryStudio but has own fans.
  • Frontline Genesis 2000 PCB design software utilizes our first Dallas iButton solution include all options in the license file.
  • Solid State Logic Pro-Convert is audio project translation software that facilitates the exchange of entire projects between audio applications.
  • Dataton Watchout 4.3 is a very powerful multi-display production and presentation software.
  • Ergosoft PosterPrint, StudioPrint and TexPrint – high quality RIP software. Make your choice for Digital Digital Graphics, Photography and FineArt or Textile printing.
  • GCxGC and LCxLC by GCimage are products for a Gas Chromatography and Liquid Chromatography.
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Latest news on software licensing

  • SEMA Experience V11.3 is the world famous timber construction program, fully supported by our Sentinel HASP SRM solution.
  • Hippotizer v3.0.14 SP1 media server by green-hippo passed tests with our Dinkey emulator and generated license (HWK) files.
  • Frontline Genesis 2000 works fine with the new iButton DS1427 emulator.
  • Rates calculations for pension, credit, insurance funds software from Morgen & Morgen (Morgen Und Morgen). Products pack include LV-WIN, AV-WIN and KV-WIN tools. All tools work fine with the WIBU CodeMeter emulator.
  • LightTools v7.0.0 software by Synopsis (OpticalRes) for the light design, analysis and simulation passed tests with the generated licenses and Sentinel SuperPro emulator.
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    Updates in products lists

    The WIBU CodeMeter and SafeNet Hardware Key (SHK) products compatibility lists were updated. A lot of new products were added.
    Don’t forget to backup your hardware keys and licenses with our guaranteed solutions. Ask now (click me) if you have any questions!

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