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Aladdin HASP4, HASP HL

Use this tool to backup HASP3, HASP4 and Hasp HL keys (make key memory backup):

Step-by-step instruction

  • download and unpack tool to any empty folder (for ex. c:temp)
  • close all active nonsystem applications
  • run console by “Start” -> “Run…” -> cmd.exe -> “OK”
  • type next commands in console
    • x:…>c:
    • c:…>cd temp
    • c:temp>h5dmp.exe PWD1 PWD2
    • PWD1, PWD2 must be valid passwords for your key
  • wait until tool finishes work
  • find result file (*.dat) and send them via online form or by e-mail to

If passwords are not known, please contact our support team for assistance.

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