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Wibu CodeMeter

The WIBU CodeMeter package has Backup option. You may use the CodeMeter web-based manager to control backup process.

To get plain text copy of the key data follow the instructions below.

  • Plug in the key into PC and start CodeMeter manager
  • Click on the CM manager green* icon, located in the tray area (screen bottom right)
  • Switch to Events tab
  • Click “View” -> “Clear events window” menu item
  • Click “View” -> “Show all connected CM Sticks” menu item
  • Click “View” -> “Show all available license entries” menu item
  • Click “View” -> “Copy event content”
  • Create new e-mail, press Ctrl+V or paste text from clipboard. Press Send button.

* The icon may be blue if multiple CodeMeter sticks plugged in.

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