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Wibu-Key, Wibu-Box

Use our free WIBU-BOX dongle memory dumper to read data from your hardware key and save to the file. Follow the step-by-step instructions below. It is easy and safe.

  1. Click –HERE– ( to download special tool for the WIBU-BOX keys. We recommend save the tool to a new or empty folder. So, you would easily find the backup files created by dumper.
  2. Click the file to open archive. Then extract files from archive (use copy and paste in Explorer) to the same folder where is located.
  3. Close all running applications you see on the screen and in the tray area at bottom right corner.
  4. Start WibuDumper.exe tool and wait until it finishes the work.
  5. Check for the result files with names like wb01234567.dmp
  6. Send them via online form or by e-mail to

If you have the problems or need assistance in backup process – contact us by e-mail

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